Extended version of SetModelProperties tool


The SetModelProperties tool that is installed with ASD:Suite Release 4 v8.5.0 has been extended with an extra option to set the "getinstance" property in interface models.

This "Getinstance" property has been deprecated and will be removed in version 9.0.0. With this extended version of the SetModelProperties tool you can easily change this property setting for all models in your project, before you upgrade to 9.0.0. Note that after this change, also any handcrafted code that creates the component will have to be changed. More details about this change can be found in the knowledge base article "How to fix warning RC156 - Getinstance returns a Component".


To install the extended SetModelProperties tool, download the zip-file below, unpack it and copy the SetModelProperties.exe file to the 8.5.0 ModelBuilder installation folder (typically this is "C:\Program Files\Verum\ASD Suite Release 4\V8.5.0")


SetModelProperties zipfile


When, after installation, you type "setmodelproperties -- help" in the v8.5.0 ASD Client Command Prompt,  the list with options contains a "--getinstance" option, to enable you to set the interface model property "Getinstance returns" (component or interface).